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5 Reasons To Go Fishing Today

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5 Reasons to Go Fishing with Your Family

With the Coronavirus pandemic and the need for social distancing, taking the family for a day of fishing is the answer to you family’s boredom.

If you are looking for a great way to bond with your kids and spend time together as a family, why not grab your fishing pole and your tackle box? Fishing is a wonderful family activity, and you can pass that love of fishing on to the next generation. Here are five great reasons to take your family fishing today.

#1 – Fishing Encourages a Respect for Nature

It is one thing to learn about the dangers of climate change in a classroom, but getting out in nature puts the issue in perspective. If you want your kids to respect the natural world, there is nothing like spending time in the great outdoors.

Fishing and other outdoor activities encourage a newfound respect for nature, lessons no classroom can match. The health of the fish depends on the health of the water, and nothing drives that home like standing in the stream waiting for that first bite.

#2 – Fishing Is Great for All Ages

It may be a few years before you can take your younger children camping, trekking or hunting, but fishing is a whole other story. Even the youngest kids can learn to fish, and they can start enjoying the sport as soon as they are big enough to hold a pole.

You may need to help your youngest kids bait the hook, but once they do they can stand on the shore and await their catches just like their parents. And you will never forget the excitement on their faces the first time they reel in a fish. That is a memory you, and your children will remember for a lifetime.

#3 – You Can Show Them a Life without Screens

Many 21st-century parents recognize their children by the tops of their heads and the backs of their necks. If your kids are constantly hunched over their screens and texting their friends, it is time for a fishing-inspired intervention.

When you take your kids fishing, you can show them a whole new world, one where the colors are crisper and brighter than their iPhone screens. If you want to get your kids away from their phones and out of the house, a fishing excursion is the perfect opportunity.

#4 – Fishing Is a Gender Neutral Outdoor Activity

Fishing is the ultimate gender neutral activity, the perfect choice for your sons and your daughters. Girls love fishing just as much as boys, sometimes even more so.

A day of fishing is a great opportunity for dads to spend time with their daughters, or for moms to spend time with their sons. Of course you can also make fishing a family affair; just pack up the car, grab your gear and enjoy time with your spouse and kids.

#5 – Fishing Is Fun

Fishing is fun and a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature while surrounded by your family. Do you really need another reason to take your kids fishing today?

Fishing is fun for the whole family, and a great way to spend some quality time together. If your kids have never been fishing before, it is time to introduce them to the wonders of the sport and the beauty of the natural world.

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