Eco Friendly Camping – How to Make Your RV More Efficient

How to Make Your RV Run More Efficiently

If your a nature lover and love being outdoors, you likely feel the need to reduce your carbon footprint with eco friendly camping. There are few things that can compare to a trip in an RV. Whether you’re traveling across the country or just going away on a weekend trip, the RV lifestyle will enable you to combine the comforts of modern life with life on the road in a way that nothing else does.

However, as anyone who owns an RV already knows, running these machines is far from cheap. Due to their size and amenities, operating an RV will require you to spend some money. This makes it important to run the RV as efficiently as possible. How can you achieve this?

Eco Friendly Camping in an RV – Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

An easy step to running your RV more efficiently is to use appliances that are less energy-hungry. An RV can have all kinds of appliances ranging from refrigerators and washers to TV sets and computers. All these appliances have models that are more energy-efficient (look for Energy Star certification), and this can reduce the energy demands of your RV.

Eco Friendly Camping in an RV –Switch to LED

In addition to using energy-efficient appliances, you should also switch to energy-efficient lighting. In this case, LED lighting is particularly well suited for the job. LED lighting consumes much less energy and lasts significantly longer than standard lighting solutions. LEDs can also come in many forms, allowing them to be adapted to many different applications. They also produce less heat compared to certain lighting solutions. Their higher expense is offset by their longer life.

Eco Friendly Camping in an RV – Keep Your AC Filters Clean

The air conditioner is a major energy drain whether it’s in an RV or a regular house. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that the AC in your RV is running as efficiently as possible. A major part of this task will be keeping the AC filters clean. This is important because the filters can become clogged much faster on the road. A dirty air filter reduces efficiency, forces the AC to work harder and longer, and can reduce indoor air quality.

Eco Friendly Camping in an RV – Cook Outside

To lower the cooling needs of your RV, try to cook outside as much as possible. Heat-producing appliances such as stoves will increase the workload of your AC. The heat will also make it harder for your fridge to stay cool. 

All of these steps can help you take care of your RV. Lastly, regular maintenance is a vital part of RV ownership. Every single item in the RV and the mechanical parts of the RV should be maintained on a regular basis. The maintenance work should be done by an RV repair expert since the spare parts needed for the RV may not be available elsewhere.