Living in a Small Town – 5 Reasons Small Towns are Booming

5 Reasons Why Living in A Small Town Is all the Rage

At the start of the Industrial Revolution, millions of people left their rural roots behind for a new start in the city. The move from farm to factory represented one of the most profound demographic shifts in the history of the United States, and the repercussions are still being felt today.

In the 21st century, a growing number of workers are moving in the opposite direction, abandoning overpriced and dangerous cities in favor of a simpler life in the suburbs or the wide open spaces of rural America. In the process, the world is rediscovering the charm of rural life, and living in these spacious surroundings can have a host of benefits. Here are a few reasons to consider a move to a more rural area or small town.

Living in a Small Town Benefit #1 – Housing is Actually Affordable

Big cities are booming like never before, but that growth has come with a high cost. There is an epidemic of homelessness and housing insecurity in major cities from Los Angeles and Seattle to New York City and San Francisco, and real estate prices in those metro areas continue to rise.

In small towns across the country, the housing picture is much different, and far more affordable. For the price of a tiny condo in downtown Seattle, a buyer in rural Washington state could purchase an impressive home, one their city-bound neighbors can only envy.

Living in a Small Town Benefit #2 – People are Generally Friendly

There is a lingering misconception that residents in rural areas are closed off and unwelcoming, but those fears tend to be overblown or outright false. While moving from the city to the sticks can create a bit of culture shock, the learning curve may not be as steep as you think.

If you are willing to reach out to your new neighbors, you will likely find them warm and welcoming. So make a good faith effort, get to know your new surroundings and start making some lifelong friends.

Living in a Small Town Benefit #3 – Modern Amenities Are Already There – or On the Way

Politicians and pundits have long decried the lack of high-speed internet access, fancy cable packages and other modern amenities in rural America, but the digital divide is closing fast. As more and more people flee the overpriced cities and settle in rural areas, telecom companies, cable providers and internet service providers are hot on their heels.

Even if the modern world has not caught up to your little corner of rural America, that could be changing soon. From government programs designed to spur investment in rural areas to the positive impact of capitalism, there are plenty of incentives to bring modern conveniences to even the most rural areas.

Living in a Small Town Benefit #4 – Distance is Relative in a Work-at-Home World

For many years workers have been tied to the cities and suburbs where their employers were located, and that has driven up housing prices in many parts of the country. The steep rise in housing prices in Silicon Valley, for instance, has been largely driven by a few major employers.

That reliance on physical workspaces has kept many workers out of rural areas, but that is also starting to change. More and more companies are giving workers the freedom to work from home, and that can make moving to a rural area even more attractive. If you are tired of high rents and limited options, talk to your employer about telecommuting, and then start making your moving plans.

Living in a Small Town Benefit #5 – Room for Growing Families

When you are raising a family in the city, simply keeping your kids safe can be a constant challenge. From overcrowded and potentially dangerous schools to the threat of gangs and drugs, the difficulties are all around you.

Moving to a more rural area could be a big boon for the safety of your children and the happiness of your family. Life in rural America is far from perfect, but there is space to grow and freedom from the harsher realities of city life.

After decades of deterioration, rural areas are undergoing a kind of renaissance. Those small towns and rural areas are enjoying newfound respect, and many people are taking a second look. Life in a rural area may be different than what you are used to, but there are many reasons to consider the move.